How to lose weight?

This seems to be a billion dollar question!!! Many people aspire to lose weight but never really achieve it even after spending tons of money on it. Losing or gaining weight is nothing but a simple process involving basic mathematics of calories....!!!

Surprised? Well you should be.

Scientists have proved that by controlling the amount of calories you eat daily, you can easily control or increase or decrease your weight.

Human body required about 2000 calories daily divided into three parts. So approximately we should eat 670 calories per meal to maintain our body mass and energy levels. If we eat more calories daily than average then we shall gain weight. Similarly if we eat lesser calories as compared to the average then we shall lose weight.

Eating less or dieting is bound to make us thin, however it is not the healthy way to lose weight as our food is also the source of essential proteins, vitamins and minerals our body needs direly. These essential nutrients are important for the body to function properly and also play an important role in maintaining our immunity to diseases. So if we reduce our diet abruptly we are bound to become weak and become more susceptible to various diseases.

Euradite Nutrition has come with a unique solution to solve this problem associated with weight loss dieting.

We introduce EuraSlim, an advanced meal replacement formula,
which is our innovative solution for losing weight the healthy way.

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EuraSlim provides the following benefits over regular dieting:
  • EuraSlim contains a healthy dose of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and complex carbohydrates required by human body per meal. Yet the amount of calories in one meal of EuraSlim is 4 times less than a regular meal!!!
  • EuraSlim contains fibres which helps to maintain the health of the digestive system and promotes smooth movement of bowels while on a weight loss diet.
  • EuraSlim gives a sense of fullness and satiety and prevents binge eating which is common with weight loss dieting.
  • EuraSlim is low on fats and contains no added sugar.
  • EuraSlim comes in delicious flavours and can be easily mixed with water or skimmed milk to make delicious meal replacement shakes.

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